Do I need a special driver's licence to drive in Australia?

No. A non-probationary standard driving license held for more than 12 months is all that is required. If your license is not in English an International Drivers license is also required.

What is minimum age?

With most of our vehicles, it is 21 years of age (there is no maximum age as long as you have a valid unrestricted driver’s licence).

One Way Rentals. Can I pick up and drop off in different locations?

Yes, however these are subject to certain conditions. One Way Rental fees are around AU$200 for rental periods less than 20 days and require a minimum hire of 7 days. The fee is waived on rentals more than 20 days (21 for Maui Motorhomes). Please check with our consultant for more details.

Is Automatic or Manual Transmission?

The majority of Campervan rentals are manual transmission. There are exceptions (eg Britz’s 6 berth Frontier) and full details are available during the review & booking process. If unsure please mention this in the comments section of the booking form.

Are there restrictions on where I can Drive?

Yes. 2 Wheel Drive campervans and motorhomes can only be driven on sealed/bitumen roads or well-maintained access roads to recognised campgrounds. 4 Wheel Drive vehicles may be driven on recognised unsealed tracks, however written permission is required from the rental company for many areas in Australia. Therefore discuss your intended travel plans with the rental provider when picking up your vehicle. Additionally vehicle movements may be restricted in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions.

What if I have an accident in our Campervan?

Report the accident as soon as possible (within 24 hours) to the rental provider and complete an Accident Report. Full details of what to do will be in the kit provided by the Campervan Rental company when you pick up your vehicle.

What happens if the vehicle breakdown?

All our Campervan rental partners have national Customer care programs to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Details will be included in your Campervan rental kits supplied at pick up.

How long does the Battery last?

Most Campervans and Motorhomes are supplied with 2 batteries – one to run the engine and the other to operate the living equipment. This second battery will remain charged for approximately 12-14 hours. Your rental supplier will provide more information when you pick up the vehicle.

Can Booster and Baby Seats be fitted?

There are a number of vehicles that can accommodate both booster and baby seats and these are also available for hire (approx $20-$25 per rental) from our rental partners. Generally Motorhome fleets can accommodate both types of seats whilst the smaller vehicles (eg Apollo’s Hitop Campervan or Euro Tourer. Backpacker Campervans can be fitted only with Booster seats) cannot. Details will be available during the review/booking process. Please include your requirements in the Comments section of the booking form.

Do the Campervans come with comprehensive insurance?

Yes. They have comprehensive insurance as a standard inclusion in the daily rate, however most vehicles generally come with a standard excess of $7,500.
You may purchase “All-inclusive pack” reduce to zero excess. Please check with our consultant.