The Best Café in Australia

Australians have become so obsessed with coffee that it’s hard to remember Australia was once a nation of committed tea drinkers. And while tea has hardly been relegated to the sidelines – there are tearooms and teashops in every capital city in the country – coffee is now the conversation. Where it’s from, how it’s roasted, who’s doing the roasting: these are issues of vital importance to discriminating coffee connoisseurs. Yet the café culture that has sprung up around this coffee bean obsession is about much more than a brew, with quality food an equally crucial ingredient in encouraging punters back. Here are some of the best cafés the country has to offer.

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How Australia is reinventing the Humble Latte

Red velvet, green matcha and even blue algae lattes are invading Instagram feeds. When it comes to reimagining coffee, Australia leads the pack.

Australians love coffee – in fact, you could describe it as a national obsession. Baristas train for years to perfect the art of the espresso shot and roasters source beans from far-flung corners of the globe to ensure the best flavour. Australia even has its own unique style of coffee – the “flat white” – an espresso coffee with hot steamed milk. But even the most faithful caffeine addict needs a change eventually. Maybe that’s why, in 2017, a new craze is sweeping the country and dominating Instagram feeds: weird and wonderful flavoured lattes that may or may not contain coffee but always pack a punch. Some are sweet, some are savoury and many are made with exotic milk varieties.

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