When the destination Gold Coast is mentioned, the first thing that will come into one’s mind would be Theme Parks or Surfer’s Paradise. Well there are definitely more places other than these to explore when you spend your stay at Gold Coast!


Gold Coast is a destination that offers a glimpse of the Australia’s beach, hinterland and city, all in one city. You may ask what Hinterland is there at Gold Coast? The green behind all the beaches is Gold Coast Hinterland, an enchanting beauty just half an hour away from the heart of the city. This is where all the un-spoilt National Parks and charming mountain villages, filled with antiques and breweries can be found. Think of living up in the mountain, waking up to a spectacular view overlooking the city – you might up end select a plot of land to stay up there.

One way to explore Gold Coast Hinterland is by taking on a full-day tour to Lamington National Park and Tamborine Mountain by a 4WD. Take a guided rainforest walk, where your driver guide will explain some of the flora and faunas that are living in there and see spectacular waterfalls. Not forgetting to enjoy a delicious morning tea of scones, jam and cream, and a barbeque lunch thereafter! Experience the treetop canopy walk at O’Reilly Rainforest Retreat, a nine footbridges suspended 45 feet in the air for a different perspective of the rainforest.

For the early risers, why not take the chance to go on a Hot Air Balloon ride and soar over vineyards, pastures and forests and be basked in the golden morning sun. Finish it off with a Champagne breakfast and enjoy the morning breeze, the tranquility of the surrounding hinterland.

Time to look at Gold Coast from a different point, and enjoy not only the beach, but the hinterland that can be truly take your breath away.