Be it wildlife, nature or off-the-road experiences, Australia has it all.

If  it’s  a  fun-filled  holiday  you  are  after, then  the  Land  of  Oz  is  the  place  to  go.  Here’s  a  list  of  the  top attractions across Australia that might help you plan your dream vacation —with fun and family in mind!

Commune with Wildlife

GA-7.1 Selfie with Quokka, Rottnest Island


Join one of the many free walking tours of the island and meet adorable quokkas on Rottnest Island, just a 25-minute ferry ride from Fremantle, Perth. Don’t be afraid to walk up to the world’s happiest creatures for a selfie or two! With Rottnest’s warmer temperatures, families can also swim and snorkel in its waters, home to more than 135 species of vibrant tropical fish.


Ever dreamed of getting up close with dolphins in their natural habitat? Turn your dream into a reality by staying in the Tangalooma Island Resort and signing up for their wild dolphin feeding activity. The resort is only  a  75-minute  ferry  ride  from  Brisbane  to  Tangalooma,  off  the  coast  of  Southeast  Queensland. Alternatively, transfers for the resort’s guests are provided from the Gold Coast.


Live  among  bears,  lions  and  giraffes  at  the  Jamala  Wildlife  Lodge,  which  offers  a  once-in-a-lifetime overnight  safari  experience.  Located  within  the  National  Zoo  &  Aquarium,  close  to  Canberra’s  city  centre, experience the thrill of feeding giraffes or hearing the soothing snores of bears from your balcony — truly an adventure to remember!

Go Off Road

GA-7.2 Caversham Wildlife Park, Swan Valley

Swan Valley 

Take a 25-minute drive east of Perth to Swan Valley for vineyards and wildlife. Go cellar door hopping for a taste of fine, local wines or visit the Caversham Wildlife Park to cosy up to koalas and wombats. The fresh food  lovers  among  you  can  also  fill  baskets  full  with  gourmet  goodies  and  fresh produce  from  roadside stalls and stores!

Cruise with Crocodiles

Want a change from the usual adrenaline pumping activities when exploring rainforests? Explore the world’s oldest surviving rainforest in Daintree by taking a river cruise along the Daintree River, one of the longest rivers  on  Australia’s  east  coast  to  spot  crocodiles,  colourful  birds  and  mighty  barramundis. The Daintree village  also  has  a  number  of  eateries  and  souvenir  shops  for  you  to  unwind  at  after a  day  of  Discovery Channel-worthy adventures. Daintree is just an hour’s drive north of Cairn.

Balloon Festival

Float in a Hot Air Balloon

Feel  the  wind  in  your  hair  and  enjoy  spectacular  views  while  welcoming  the  sunrise  in  a  hot  air balloon. There are  many  launch  sites  across  Canberra  for  your  convenience.  If  you  like,  you  can also  top  off  the morning with a gourmet breakfast at a cafe after the flight.